Two lesser known tourist attractions of London

London is favorite tourist attraction of almost every person of the world. Every one of us dreams to visit London once in a lifetime sooner or later.  The Capital of United Kingdom has its own charm and attraction which are infamous all round the world.  Every year almost 17 millions of tourist visit London due to dozens of iconic tourist places which are one of its kinds. Tower of London, London museum, Buckingham palaces, Westminster Abbey , St Paul Cathedral are few renowned  spots famous amongst tourists but  do you know it has much more to offer to tourists than these well-known  tourists spots. Underneath are some of the lesser known attractions which are equally beautiful and have significance in its history.

  1. Fulham Palaces – Amongst renowned and historical palaces of the city, Fulham palace though is less famous yet carries equal significance in the history of London and has spellbinding architecture as well as beauty.  It is a grade 1 listed building whose origin dates back to middle ages.  It used to be the main   dwelling building of Bishop of London and now offers beautiful museum having spectacular art anthology, Fulham Palace garden.


  1. The Thames path – The description of London is incomplete without river Thames not because life of Londoners is   dependent on the river as it adds enchanting beauty to the city.  You can find most beautiful natural sceneries on the bank of Thames and on the area situated on its bank.  Hiring a bike is great idea to explore Thames path which is stretched on area of 40 miles   and you may find public beaches and historical villages of Rotherhithe in between.


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